OWASP London Chapter Meeting




OWASP London Chapter Meeting

24 October 2018


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OWASP Introduction, Welcome and News - Sam Stepanyan, Sherif Mansour, Greg Fragkos 

Welcome and a brief update on OWASP Projects, Events and Conferences from the OWASP London Chapter Leaders

"If You Liked It, You Should Have Put Security On It" - Zoë Rose

We no longer live in a world where ignorance on security is even remotely okay, you can't breach a data protection act with the defence that 'oops we didn't realise'. Not only will you owe major fines, but your reputational damage will be extravagant. Why is it then, in the media seemingly every day, an insane breach is reported? The reality 
is, we live in a world of fail by design more than security or privacy by design.

"Lessons From The Legion (The OWASP London Remix)" - Nick Drage

Look at your job, your colleagues, your industry. Smart people, working hard... and yet it feels like we're losing. Why? Cyber security has always been a technology driven, engineer led industry - vague default strategies have emerged from the tactics and point solutions chosen by self-taught practitioners based on what fits in with their preferred ways of working and studying. We need better strategies, we can learn them from other contexts and conflicts to improve our own methods and practices.Would you like to start winning?

"A holistic view on Cyber Security in evolutionary terms (food-for-thought)" - Dr. Grigorios Fragkos

The Red Queen hypothesis, also referred to as the Red Queen effect, is an evolutionary hypothesis which proposes that organisms must constantly adapt, evolve, and proliferate not merely to gain a reproductive advantage, but also simply to survive while pitted against ever-evolving rival organisms in a continuously changing environment. 
Let's explore under a Cyber lens this evolutionary hypothesis in contrast to the evolving (cyber)threats and our adaptation (as professionals) to equally evolve our Cyber Resiliency capabilities (as an industry). This presentation is an opportunity to explore as professionals our security mindset and draw some personal conclusions on our Cyber Security culture in order to better ourselves.
From user awareness all the way to Cyber Resilience, from developing by writing secure code to the effort it takes in breaking it, from gaps in hiring talents to hiring for the right reasons, this brief session is intended to spark a personal "eureka" moment in the mindmap of each security professional inside and outside the room.