Payments Forum 2019




Payments Forum 2019

12 - 13 February 2019


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The payments landscape is rapidly transforming with the help of challenger banks, FinTechs, new regulations and customer expectations pushing the market to be more competitive. In this new diverse landscape many financial institutions are tasked with the challenges of keeping up with the speed of innovation and expectations.In addition the payments environment is becoming more heavily regulated, with the implementation of GDPR, PSD2 and Open Banking the landscape continues to evolve as the industry adapts. The next five years are set to be an exciting time as we see how new technologies like, AI, robotics, machine learning and Blockchain all evolve and how the payments landscape will flourish.To explore these themes further The Center for Financial Professionals will host the 2ndAnnual Payments Forum. The two day summit will review the latest updates, opportunities, challenges and future outlook for payments across the financial sector. The summit aims to bring together industry professionals and peers to provide a platform for thought leadership, networking and idea sharing.