Productivity Through AI In Workplace Automation And RPA




Productivity Through AI in Workplace Automation and RPA

8 July 2018

New York

Added 30-Jan-2023

Our July topic will be on Productivity Through AI in Workplace Automation and RPA.

What happens when AI joins the team? The potential for automation to boost productivity and take on the uninspiring menial activities in a job is tremendous. We'll consider how businesses effectively integrate automation into the human workforce and get the best out of each.

We’ll hear from Dennis Mortensen, CEO of, who’ll describe the future of work for knowledge workers involving managing and interacting with suites of intelligent agents.

Please note the new locaton at Betaworks Studios.

More speakers to be announced soon!

Event Schedule

6:00 PM Networking & Food, Beer

6:30 PM Kickoff & Sponsors (, Betaworks Studios, MoNage)

6:40 PM Speakers

8:00 PM Extended Q&A and Open Member Discussion


Dennis Mortensen is the CEO and co-founder of Dennis is an expert in leveraging data to solve enterprise use cases and a serial entrepreneur who’s successfully exited several companies on that theme. His long-term vision of killing the inbox led to the formation of and the creation of Amy + Andrew, artificially intelligent assistants who schedule meetings. He speaks frequently to anyone who’ll listen, from the crowds of Web Summit to his building’s doorman, about an optimistic future for AI, productivity, and the future of work.