Solving The Digital Dilemma: How To Have A Relationship With A Customer You Never Met




Solving the Digital Dilemma: How To Have a Relationship With a Customer You Never Met

12 July 2018

New York

Added 22-Jun-2018

Brands spend a lot of time, effort, and money ensuring that first impressions are strong- strong enough to encourage customers to buy. Acquiring new customers is important to any business, but how do you make a good impression on someone you’ve never met?

During this webinar, we will address the importance of building a relationship with current and potential customers and the importance of creating a self-service offering, all while helping your organization deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX).

Dan Latimore, Senior Vice President with Celent, will discuss key elements to build a customer relationship both in the branch and digitally and why the use of digital is essential to delivering an exceptional CX today. He’ll discuss three key areas:

  • How customers are actually interacting with their banks today
  • How banks are approaching their digital initiatives
  • What banks can do better – across channels – to attract new customers and deepen new and existing relationships

Andrew Stevens, Banking & Financial Services Specialist with Quadient will conclude the webinar with practical lessons on how to ensure your customer feels they are a part of the banking relationship in the face of using digital channels.