The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2018




The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2018

7 March 2018


Added 20-Jan-2023

As the mainstream media faces increasing accusations of bias and misinformation, we’re asking what constitutes balance in news? And as new and independent outlets make headway, how can they work with the mainstream to best serve readers and the public?

As news and information consumption changes, social media platforms are are finding themselves under more scrutiny than ever before. So what responsibility do these platforms have for the content they host? Should they be judged by the same standards as news providers?

Responsible use of data is also a key issue: in the age of AI-powered cyberattacks, just how safe is your data? In the case of a data breach - how must brands react? And how can they harness IoT and AI tech as a defence?

In addition, we’ll look at the issues facing the ad industry. With diversity a much-discussed topic in recent years, what are brands and agencies actually doing to promote change? And can new platforms such as VR, AR and home assistants help propel narratives, and can these advances make an impact beyond novelty value?