TRCmedia: Look East




TRCmedia: Look East

5 March 2018


Added 20-Jan-2023

The Asia Pacific region is home to the world’s fastest growing economies and presents a wealth of opportunity for Scottish businesses. Join us on the 5th March for an intensive one-day introduction to Asia markets and explore why your company should consider looking East for partnership, investment and sales. The workshop will focus on doing business in Singapore, often considered a gateway to the rest of Asia or ‘Asia for beginners’!

The workshop will be led by Hugh Mason, Co-founder and CEO of JDFI, Southeast Asia’s first accelerator programme for tech entrepreneurs. Hugh moved from the UK to Singapore ten years ago and has since helped over 70 businesses raise tens of millions of dollars.

The workshop will include case studies Skyscanner and Dog: two Scottish companies who “looked East”, made the leap and have seen their success soar as a result.