31 July - 3 August 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Write/Speak/Code is an intensive, four-day, hands-on conference with workshops, personalized feedback sessions, panels, and talks by talented women and non-binary coders. Each day of the conference is themed: Write/Visibility Day, Speak/Leadership Day, Code/Project Day and Growth. Attendees leave the conference having developed blog posts, conference talks, open source contributions, and more. We provide actionable next steps and a supportive community to keep attendees accountable to the goals they set at the conference and beyond.

Our conference features two tracks:

  • Foundations features our original Write/Speak/Code curriculum designed to launch you into the next step of thought leadership, conference speaking, or open source coding. This is a guided track that will have individual, pair, and small group exercises as well as panels and lectures. Each day will end with the creation of a deliverable: a blog post draft, give a talk, and create a Pull Request! This track is great for anyone who is new to writing, speaking, or coding or those in transition (moving from individual contributor to lead, re-entering after time off, changing focus areas etc).
  • Explorations will include talks, facilitated curriculum, and hands on workshops each day. Workshops will culminate in creating a deliverable based on the day's theme (for example, a technical zine or an outline for a workshop you can give). This track is great for anyone who has attended our conference in the past, or who feels confident in writing, speaking, and coding from their current expertise.