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XConf Unplugged

22 November 2018


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XConf Unplugged is a community for technologists. We'll keep you plugged in and up-to-date with breaking technology changes, updates and news. This event is the fourth in our series and is focused on security in software development.

No-one needs convincing that they need to write secure software and deal with their users' data responsibly anymore. But there's a steep learning curve on the topic of security, as the number (and profile) of threats seems to just keep climbing – everything from organised crime and government spying to teenagers who attack systems "for the lulz" – it can all be pretty overwhelming.

Threat Modelling provides a set of techniques that help you identify and address the most important threats in both design and in delivery. While only part of a strategy to stay ahead, when used in conjunction with other techniques in your secure software delivery lifecycle, Threat Modelling can help to keep your system secure.