DevOps And Drinks With Casper At The AWS Loft




DevOps and Drinks with Casper at the AWS Loft

28 May 2019

New York

Added 17-Jan-2023

For our May event, we're excited to partner with AWS and return to the AWS loft in Soho for a very special presentation about SRE Practices at Casper.

Casper is a market leader, one of NYC's newest "unicorn" companies, and the definition of a disruptor in their industry. They are 5 years old, and have grown to be the top mattress company in the United States, while keeping prices low, and insisting on top customer service. Casper's Engineering team is one of the best in NYC, and is a great example of a startup becoming a market leader!

We're happy to announce that Kyle Rush (VP Engineering) and Richard Cho (Manager Of Engineering) at Casper will be presenting about the following topics below.

The Evolution Of Casper's Infrastructure

Richard and Kyle will be presenting the evolution of Casper's infrastructure over the last several years as Casper has grown. They will be covering several topics, including

1. Our migration from Heroku -> AWS and all the tooling we built to support building and deploying applications to EC2 using terraform, packer, ansible.
2. Moving to fastly and decoupling our front end from our main e-commerce application to increase developer velocity
3. The future: Serverless (api gateway + lambda) and containerization (ECS/EKS)