Diversity As A Data Science Imperative




Diversity as a Data Science Imperative

9 April 2019

New York

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6:30pm: Pizza, Beer, Networking
7:00pm: Panel discussion
7:30pm: Break-outs w/ panelists

Data science has drastically transformed in recent years, drawing attention to its ability to produce real impact across a number of industries. However, despite its many evolutions, the field has seriously lagged in successes in diversity - with the lowest variety in gender, race, and education diversity in technical fields 

Thus, we're bringing together leaders from Spotify, MongoDB, WiMLDS, and Turner Broadcasting to discuss the impact diversity can have on the field, ranging from AI ethics to the perception of the data scientist role. Following the panel, we'll break out into speaker-led groups for smaller discussions on how we can actively contribute to building diversity in our own work