Ho Ho Holy CRAP Talks #16 (Conversion Rate, Analytics, Product)




Ho Ho Holy CRAP Talks #16 (Conversion Rate, Analytics, Product)

3 December 2019


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We welcome you to join the first every Ho Ho Holy CRAP Talks AND Drinks (aka CRAP Talks 16)! A couple of lightening talks on the topics of conversion rate optimisation, analytics, and product along with social drinks to follow.

Join us on 3rd December for an evening of informational, useful, practical, case studies, tips, tricks, followed by social drinks!


18:45: Arrival

18:55: Talk 1

19:25: Talk 2

19:50: Drinks and Networking

Dataform - Dan Lee: The Full Stack Analyst

Of all the roles within the data space, analytics is the one I find most rewarding. As an analyst, you have the opportunity to work on technical problems (grappling with huge datasets) as well as product and business problems (helping people make good decisions). In my experience, the most effective analysts are those that blend strong technical capabilities with a solid business or product sense.

Over the past year or so, a new role has started to appear - the “Analytics Engineer”. Analytics Engineers specialise in data preparation, modelling disparate source data into easy to consume datasets. They use software engineering best practices like version control and testing to add a level of rigour to data transformation. This frees up analysts to focus on business partnering, spending less time working on data preparation themselves.

But in my opinion, this is a backwards step. The rigour that analytics engineers bring is fantastic, but don’t isolate this into a specific role. Your entire analytics team should be working this way, whilst continuing with the partnering aspect of their role. In fact, with the technologies and tools available today, I propose that full stack analysts will be the ones that bring the most value to your teams. So:

What exactly does a full stack analyst do?

What tools and skills do they need?

What makes teams of full stack analysts so effective?