How To Build Lagom Stateful Microservices




How to Build Lagom Stateful Microservices

12 June 2019

New York

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How does one choose to architect a system that has micro-service/REST api endpoints? While there are many solutions out there, some are better than others. Should state be held in a server side component? Generally we are told this is a bad practice, but is it? It’s unclear and this confusion may lead to poor technology stack choices that are impossible or extremely hard to change later on as your system evolves in terms of demand and performance.

In this talk we will discuss how Asynchronous Reactive server side solutions can provide the performance requirements and and the reliability expected by any infrastructure that we expect to be up 100% of the time ( e.g. your telephone ). Using Java one can create restful micro-services with Lagom and Akka Actors deployed on Kubernetes, which will provide an architectural solution that meets these expectations.

Attendees can expect to:
* Understand the fundamental of and how to program Lagom Microservices
* Explore how Akka Actors work and how to use them to connect with Lagom
* Use kubernetes to deploy the above.
* Garner insights about the possible pathways to Lightbend and IBM Reactive Platforms


630pm - doors open, pizza, drinks, & networking
7-830pm - talk & demo
830-9pm - Q&A + networking
9pm - venue closes