IoT And Data // Rural And City




IoT and Data // Rural and City

6 November 2018


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6.30 for pizza and beers.

Talks start 7pm
Talk 1 SmartRural - The journey and anatomy of a data point.

You’ve heard about “Farm to Fork”, but what about “Farm to Server and back Again”? How do we gather new actionable data and add value to the rural ecosystem?

SmartRural is establishing a user owned cooperative LPWAN to be deployed across rural Scotland. The aim of this is to bring digital connectivity and innovation to every corner of Scotland, uniquely servicing the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy objective of “Outside In”. This new infrastructure will facilitate an explosion in LPWAN IoT with a accompanying tsunami of data, but what does this new data actually look like, how will it arrive, how can we access it and what can we do with it?

Talk 2 - TrustLens Project

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept refers to the seamless integration of physical objects, sensors and mobile devices onto the Internet. The IoT encompasses many different technologies, services and standards, however IoT solutions comprise more than just the hardware and software necessary to realize the technical infrastructure. They also include the human actors, organisations, policies and regulatory systems involved. With some estimates predicting 50 billion devices by 2020, and the proportion of data collected passively through machine-to-machine transactions surpassing that actively generated by individuals - solutions are needed to strengthen trust. We work with communities and individuals to explore what it means to realise solutions that are transparent, accountable, and which empower end-users. The TrustLens is our vision of a future toolset that will enable individuals, and the communities of which they are a part, to better understand and manage the data about them.

Dr Naomi Jacobs is a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen whose various work focuses on the societal impacts of technology in digital and physical spaces. Naomi's research interests include interdisciplinarity, digital public space, and the impact on communities of internet of things technologies, particularly with regards trust and transparency.

Dr Milan Markovic is a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen with interests in semantic modelling of trust and transparency in the IoT domain. His current work is centred around the design and utilisation of semantic models for capturing provenance of IoT deployments and automated privacy risk assessment mechanisms.