Keep Calm And Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline




Keep calm and secure your CI/CD pipeline

15 May 2019


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1800: Doors Open + Food/Drinks
1830: Sonya Moisset Presenting
1930: Social - consume more food/drink
2100: The End

Sonya Moisset (@sonyamoisset) is a senior security engineer based in London. Before that, she was a consultant and has over ten years’ experience in International Business Development. Sonya is also a Tech Advocate, a mentor for women in tech, a writer on Medium for FreeCodeCamp publications and an active member of the tech community in London.

The talk will be about .... Shifting left significantly reduces costs and diminishes release delays. Continuous security validation should be added at each step from development through production to help ensure the application is always secure. I’ll be focusing on work done with Pride in London (a project using Gatsby2, Contentful and Netlify) and showing you how to create a secure CI/CD pipeline. You’ll learn how GitHub Marketplace helped the team automating and improving our workflow with different tools for accessibility, code coverage, code review, code quality, security and other functionalities. You’ll also find out what OWASP is and how to improve the workflow for your own open source projects using GitHub Marketplace applications.