Leeds Data Science Meetup




Leeds Data Science Meetup

26 November 2019


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We'll kick off the proceedings with food and soft drinks from 6:00pm - 6:30pm, followed by a talk on classification and regression in healthcare by Matt Squire then Real World Problem Solving with Azure Cognitive Services by Dylan Hayes.

Classification and regression in healthcare:

Abstract: A look at data-driven personalised fitness using wearable sensors. In this talk we'll see how to collect data using custom hardware, process that data on mobile devices and ship it to the cloud for machine learning.

Real World Problem Solving with Azure Cognitive Services:

Abstract: Machine learning is becoming mainstream, but has traditionally been expensive and difficult to integrate into software projects. Azure cognitive services lowers the cost of access to this technology, and makes it accessible to most developers. Moreover, the integration with technologies such as Flow and PowerApps, brings the use of this technology into the realm of the non professional developer. During the talk we'll be doing interactive demos to examine how well the various parts work, and showing how easy it is to integrate these into solutions using Flow.