London DevOps #47




London DevOps #47

10 October 2019


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For our October meetup we are hosted by Publicis Sapient at their offices in Farringdon. Here is the draft schedule (subject to change):

6:30pm - Arrival

6:45pm - Introductions

7:00pm - DevOps for Machine Learning, why is it different? - Ryan Dawson

DevOps instincts tend to be shaped by what has worked well before. Instincts derived from mainstream software development projects get challenged when we turn to enabling machine learning projects. The key reasons are that the development/delivery workflow is different and the kind of software artefacts involved are different. We will explore the differences and look at emerging open source projects in order to appreciate why the DevOps for machine learning space is growing and the needs that it addresses.

7:30pm - Using scheduling to your advantage: Building applications that scale - Nicolas Corrarello

We all seem to have learned the webscale lesson pretty well. But it is a bit last decade. Now we have container scheduling almost everywhere. Join me to discuss design patterns on how to leverage container schedulers to make your applications scale more effectively.
Nicolas Corrarello’s background includes 6+ years of Ops experience, as well as being a support engineer for a number of software vendors and being an instructor for the Red Hat Certification program. Most recently he was a solutions engineer for Puppet and eventually lead the team, before moving on to building the Solutions Engineering team for HashiCorp in Europe. He is an ocasional contributor for HashiCorp Vault, and has assisted in the implementation and run-book for a number of HashiCorp products for European Customers.

8:00pm - The AI world is here and its presence is being felt but what does the next chapter look like if you’re a British citizen? - Duncan Gray

In this talk Duncan considers how we might be about to reach a tipping point for AI and robotics, which at first glance looks like a major triumph for tech firms. However if we think through the possible impacts of a world dominated by AI and robotics we might come to see that short term success could cause long term turbulence for the tech sector.
Duncan Gray is founder of BRODIE an international responsible business firm that works with clients in many sectors including technology to think about their ethical, social and environmental impacts.

8:30pm - Close and pub