London Project Data And Analytics




London Project Data and Analytics

13 March 2019


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Talk 1: "What lies beneath? Using project data to understand project performance."

Mudano are looking to build the autonomous project by combining the right data, technology and delivery expertise to deliver business value for our clients.

In the data-driven future of project management, project managers will be augmented by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics that can highlight project risks, determine the optimal allocation of resources and automate project management tasks.

In this talk, we will give an overview of the journey we've been on in achieving the above including how we applied natural language processing (NLP) to classify project status reports from a retail bank to highlight projects that are failing, those at-risk and those that are on track.

Talk 2: Agile Effort Estimation

Within this talk Derek Jones will provide insights into his analysis of 10+ years of commercial development using Agile (10,100 unique task estimates made by 22 developers, under 20 project codes). actors found to influence task implementation effort estimation accuracy included the person making the estimate, the project involved, and the propensity to use round numbers.

Derek used to write compilers that translated what people wrote, and then moved on to analyzing code to try to work out what they intended to write.