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Newest DevOps news

13 November 2018


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Notes (updated 19/10/18)

1) Martin Woodward (Principal PM of the DevOps team at Microsoft) has agreed to headline at this Meetup! I'll post more about Martin in coming weeks. Many of you will already know of his legacy, otherwise do a quick web search, watch his presentations on YouTube, or wait for future updates.

2) I picked the busiest day to try and book the London Reactor! I can use their amazing facilities because of my Microsoft MVP status. However, the date (being simply set by default as a month after the last) turns out to be a very busy day at the venue. Therefore, the date may shift further into the week or next. Also depending on Martin and other speakers' availability.

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Following on from last month's subject of Identity Access Management, we now focus on deploying resources effectively. Saving your company much pain and cost. A captivating and entertaining presentation from the man who transformed Microsoft's DevOps and saved them a gazillion beer tokens in the process!

Also, we are hoping to highlight the roles of "sentinel" Netities. The networked entities within our architecture, which protect the business from disaster. Vital guardians of our up-time and critical business flows! Do these service principals need god-like network privileges, to scale and deploy resources on demand? How best to monitor and react to inevitable, or unexpected events.

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This session will be focusing on new DevOps tools and the recent changes from VSTS to Azure DevOps. This brings many advantages for private and public projects. An evolution to the services we rely on and opportunities for us to use the services we prefer or best suit the specific situation. Or switch whenever we want, for tools that give best economic advantages. Also, to share visibility and collaborate on parts of that pipeline, with different teams, other partners and even our customers.

We will also be exploring the importance of planning your fail-over infrastructure. Things will always go wrong. We have to always assume systems will have a fatal bug, or breached by black hats. But it doesn't have to be a disaster!

You can think of it as Disaster Recovery.
Or you can plan for a safe fail-over!

Secondary resources don't have to cost much more, but can lay in wait for when called upon and automated with the vast array of components available in today's most advanced DevOps solution.

Learn how to automate the deployment and scaling of resources, as part of the event chain, including orchestrating deployments in response to events.

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Hear from community leaders who are shaping the tools we use and are closest to the issues and solutions we need today and tomorrow.

Guest presentations from those most in the know, including insights from visiting leaders across the community, with special guest presenters from gurus and leaders of Microsoft.

Please join us, for this relaxed and entertaining session.
After work nibbles, drinks & news!