The Operationalisation Challenge




The Operationalisation Challenge

3 April 2019


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Join us for two talks to help you solve operationalisation, one of the toughest challenges in data science! Guest speakers Jan Teichmann (Senior Data Scientist, Zoopla) and Steve Franks (Solutions Architect, Dataiku) will share best practices and answer your questions around pizza & beer.

Talk 1: The Operationalisation Fairy Tale by Steve Franks, Solutions Architect at Dataiku

Steve Franks, Solutions Architect at Dataiku, reviews the key requirements to keep in mind when working on your design-to-deployment pipeline, and underline the specificities of data science projects. Are the type of skills, which are required to build the model, those that you need to deliver great business value?

Talk 2: Machine Learning Logistics: Model Management in Production from the Front Line

Making data science a success is hard, with up to 85% of projects and initiatives around big data and data science failing according to Gartner. The reasons are complex but often misunderstood. What is so different about data science that it needs new approaches?
Jan will introduce the unique data science requirements and the Rendezvous Architecture, a proven solution to integrate data science and enterprise requirements in a harmonious way at scale.

Jan Teichmann, Senior Data Scientist at Zoopla:
Jan has a track record of bringing data science into commercial production usage at scale. He leads the data science team at Zoopla, which is driving innovation from vast amounts of property market data, behavioural data, geo data, property images, and text data sets. Previously, Jan co-founded Cambridge Energy Data Lab where they celebrated a successful exit. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from City University London.

6:30 PM: Pizza, beer, & networking
7:00 PM: Talk by Stephen Franks, Solutions Architect at Dataiku + 10 min Q&As
7:30 PM: Tak by Jan Teichmann, Senior Data Scientist at Zoopla + 10 min Q&As
8:00 PM: More beer & networking