Turing Lecture: Data Science Or Data Humanities?




Turing Lecture: Data science or data humanities?

5 March 2019


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What are the opportunities, issues, and rewards for researchers developing data-led approaches to answer research questions in the Arts and Humanities? How can we build and utilise appropriate computational methods for the analysis of our past and present societies? What possibilities and barriers are there in working in this crossover point from data science to the humanities? And how can the humanities contribute to development of data science approaches? From the development of Handwritten Text Recognition for archival material, and the mining of millions of words of historical newspaper archives, this talk will showcase a range of innovative international research projects, whilst also giving pointers on how others can approach this interdisciplinary space successfully. In addition, it will raise issues of how tricky yet rewarding “interdisciplinary research” – which we are all now being encouraged to do – can be.