Two Sigma Open Source Meetup




Two Sigma Open Source Meetup

6 August 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

We’re hosting the quarterly Two Sigma Open Source meetup on Tuesday, 6/18! TSOS meetups focus on the open source projects that Two Sigma cares most about, from projects we generated in-house then open sourced to large external open source projects that we depend on to do our work. This time, Two Sigma’s Alex Alekseyev and Joshua Bronson will be presenting on Flask, a Python web microframework in widespread use both within and outside Two Sigma. Flask and its sibling Pallets projects were the focus of this year’s TS Open Hackathon. They'll also be speaking about the motivation behind this event, lessons learned running it over the past four years, and their personal journeys with Flask in particular and open source software more broadly.

We’re expecting about 45 minutes of talks total, to be followed by chatting and pizza!


Doors open at 6pm; the presentations will begin around 6:30.

You'll have to check-in with security with your Name/ID. Definitely sign-up (with your first and last name) if you’re going to attend–unfortunately people whose names aren’t entered into the security system in advance won’t be allowed in. If you get wait-listed here on the meetup site, it's still worth showing up -- we've rarely if ever had to turn someone away.