Getting Into Data Science, My Journey




Getting Into Data Science, My Journey

11 April 2019

New York

Added 30-Jan-2023

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Dangaia Sims, Ph.D., Data Science Project/Product Manager and Researcher will talk about her journey into data science. Within the Data Science and Advanced Analytics practice, Dangaia leads broad scope projects, to deliver comprehensive solutions for data science problems.

She has experience with product and project management, strategy consulting, research and development, machine learning, and big data primarily using python, R, and spark.

She is currently a Data Science Project Manager at MassMutual, previously she was a Senior Data Scientist and Strategy Consultant at IBM. She graduated from the Metis Data Science Bootcamp in the Spring of 2017. Before Metis she was a Research and Development Consultant at Cubii. She is a Ph.D. Candidate at Pennsylvania State University where she conducted research in Kinesiology and Public Health Sciences leading to multiple published articles and a textbook (Elsevier).